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Infinity Pivots Project

Between November 14, 2020 and November 1, 2021 I sent out 40 images of my assemblages, one at a time, through my art newsletter, soliciting interpretations.  During that time 132 interpretations were submitted.

Below are some selected highlights from these submissions.

                                                             soon to be published as a coffee table book
Scholar's Find e.jpg

There on the ocean floor, surprising scuba divers in the boiling depths of the Red Sea, came a collective perception of amazement. Laying exposed to an evaporation pocket was the rusted sprocket . . . missing from the Invader’s Expedition of 3755. Pulling it loose would drain irreversible combustion levels which kept the Red Planet equidistant from the extinct sister planet Earth. The encapsulated bubble chamber, at the push of a button shot the apparatus in an irreversible trajectory toward Venus. 


                           - Houston Edward Hancock

Infinity Pivot 63


Infinity Pivot 67

A Didanawisgi Crownpiece
Similar to war bonnets worn by the Plains Indians - but only in symbology, this was  worn by a Cherokee Didanawisgi or Medicine Man. Worn at the crown of the head, this artifact represents the union of heaven and earth and their inherent bond.                                                                                                             - F. D. Artherhults

E. Prayer Bundle.JPG

Nubulon - Vartis Peace Treaty of 3047

When this document was signed by both parties - representatives of all the 520 federated planets and representatives of the cyborg network - their 725 year war finally was ended. This multidimensional conflict began when the governing council of planet Argon refused to recognize a union between a human and a cyborg, fearing that it would only be a matter of time before a human - A.I. union would become acceptable. The Absolute Humanists -as they were known - refused all bionic enhancements, considering them unnatural.                         

                                                            - George Arnold

Infinity Pivot 62

Agnostic Crucifix.jpg

In the obverse universe the shadow is the thought thing and has value as matter, condensed energy and form and as a byproduct produces the material object in this universe in which we dwell. The shadow may vanish but the byproduct of it remains and embodies qualities of it.                                                                                                 Peter Vilinsky

Infinity Pivot 56

E. Anchor Point.jpg

Infinity Pivot 64

The Long Lost Cuba Claiming Cube Anchor

In the ancient Eurillian universe, a set of eight of these space anchors were used to create the eight corners of the Cuba Claiming Cube. With all eight correctly in place forming a perfect cube, any planet, star or galaxy within the box was then captured and owned by the Invader. Employed by Cuba the Benevolent and his heirs, for millions of years, there had been no defense against this peaceful takeover routine. It had long been documented in defense manuals that you only needed to take out one anchor before all eight were in place to break the spell. The trick was you had to see it coming.


Then Eric the Upstart came along and teleported one of them (this very one) to another universe (this one).  With this perfect weapon system broken, primitive systems of force were then resorted to, you know, killing people, blowing things up etc. It got very messy.


The lazy confidence of the conquerors was such that they had never kept any spares, the set of eight was all they had and the technology that had created them was long forgotten.


So, all we need to do is find the other seven. If one shows up in your quarter, I would like to hear about it.

                                                    - Oscar Throckmorton

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