Infinity Pivots  

Twenty years ago, early in my career as an assemblage artist in Baltimore, I would  be a fly-on-the-wall at big openings and listen to people's interpretations of my work. I would hear amazing things that I would never have thought of myself. My conclusion was that there is an infinity of viewpoints and that these pieces were a post or pivot that any viewpoint could approach and reflect upon ~ an infinity pivot.

In pursuit of infinity pivot reflections I began posting images through my newsletter inviting interpretations which are presented here. 

 Flying T Scope, created 2001

This is the ammo-bird. Resting on its wooden Lilly pad of the famous wood lake on the outskirts of Timber-World. ~ Blake Smith



This is the commissioned work by the British aviation headquarters, in London. It is the actual plaque designed to commemorate the life of the airplane called "The Concord" it led a very short life, but will always be remembered and honored and it only costs 38,000,000pounds to develop and build...The plane that is. ~ Fil Sibley



A military mosquito on a mission. ~ Rick Harlow


This is obviously a butterfly bullet. It was made famous by the Butterfly Brigade back in the day when butterflies grew to have 10 foot wingspan and were carnivores. Due to the speed and constant swerves of butterfly fight, a bullet could not be fired straight on, so had to be able to follow the motions of its target. Thus, butterfly bullets were invented and perfected. The wings automatically conform to the flight of the butterfly being targeted via supersonic waves emitted by the butterfly's wings, and received instantaneously by special receptors on the constructed wings of the butterfly bullet. Using this technique, all of the large carnivore butterflies were eventually brought to extinction. ~ Steve Koplo


Now, I see the bullet as a strong symbol of “just because it’s small doesn’t mean it can’t deliver a punch” and I see the shell as a healing from the ocean body water.  I see the wood as the healing “Bach flower remedy” (see Dr. Bach: a physician who after witnessing the devastating effects of world war 1, focused his studies into the healing properties of trees & certain flowers to calm the psychic/emotional body of human beings which he viewed as a source of illness). ~ Margaret Newton 

 Archimedes Memento #2, created 2000

The Pilot's Eye - Sent before the mission, it's eye forcasts the future. Spun into space it broadcasts the potential futures of that it sees. It is not infifnite, these possible futures, but the device is a loyal and trusted friend.  ~ F. D. Artherhultz 


In the distant - but perhaps less distant than we would like to think - future, most of the cyborg race that replaced humanity due to our foolish ways have settled in the North American southwest. Maybe it's the dry desert heat - less chance for rust. They enjoy hiking through the desert canyons, but are always on the lookout for cyborg scorpions. ~ George Arnold


A rare and sometimes not-so-friendly drill snail. Along its curved Golden Spiral lay it’s strong cord which works its drill into fantastic speed and capacity. They are often found boring through the sides of mountains and cliffs and unfortunately end up falling to their demise when they run out of ledge or get to the other side of their targeted vertical surface. ~ Blake Smith


In this object I see the Archimedean Screw and the Archimedean Spiral and so shall deduce this to be an Archimedean Memento.  ~ Oscar Throckmorton                                                                                                                                     

tAtheist's Crucifix, created 2002

On 8 August 1786, Jacques Balmat and Michel-Garriel Paccard made the first ascent of Mont Blanc. Few people know this, but accompanying them was Jacques' younger brother, Henri. Jacques Balmat had experience with high mountain travel, and Paccard had made previous attempts to climb the peak. Illustrations show Balmat carrying two separate tools – an alpenstock (or baton) and a small axe that could be used to chop steps on icy slopes. Although he had very little experience as a climber, Henri had a wonderful sense of style and it has been speculated by some historians that it was his idea to merge the two implements into a beautiful tool that we know today as an ice axe. Obviously, Henri was concerned with form as well as function. ~ George Arnold 


The Tiamu Dagger

Now a ceremonial icon, it was once a ferocious weapon in the Tiamu wars.

Bent on reclaiming their homeland, Tiamu warriors wore the vicious weapon at the back of their necks. Trained in the quick-draw of the blade, it made short work of their enemies in close quarter battle. Feared by those opposed to the Tiamu Reclamation, no Tiamu soldier went to battle without the hidden weapon. Now an icon among the Tiamu people, it's use is still taught among those in attendance at the schools of battle, even though technology has far outdistanced its practicality.

It is at once a remembrance of Tiamu resilience in the face of overwhelming odds and the keen edge of the indomitable Tiamu will. ~ F. D. Artherhultz 


The Jesuit crucifix used in their missionary work in the early 1700s. Primitive heathens seeing this crucifix raised above the head of a missionary mistook it as a superior weapon and bowed in submission. A papal decree of 1759 banned its use, replacing it with the traditional cross. Their high conversion rate immediately plummeted. ~ Oscar Throckmorton 

Eurillian Portal #3, created 2003

The Berandish Timepiece

Invented by Mr. Timothy Berandi in the late 36th Century, the timepiece was meant to forecast celestial occurrences into the deep future so as to give humankind an advantage over potential cataclysmic events. Unfortunately Mr. Berandi did not consider the possibility of its use for more nefarious purposes. During testing the device was stolen by his assistant, the late Lawrence Poylin. It seems Mr. Poylin, in an attempt to increase his financial standing, triggered a localized series of events culminating in his residence vanishing from the face of the earth. The timepiece was the only thing that remained.

After this, Mr. Berandi locked the device away. To this day, it's never been seen again and Mr. Berandi took his secrets of its immense power to his grave. Some speculate that he dismantled or destroyed the device, while others insist he found a different use for it and now it, and he, reside in a parallel universe.

Although officially declared to be deceased, the strange disappearance of Mr. Berandi had done nothing to quell the theories of this latter hypothesis. This is the only known picture of his timepiece, taken by his late assistant. ~  F. D. Artherhultz


A physical representation of how our economy presently is configured. There are many cogs in the economic wheels. We also can see the professional class represented - architects, engineers, and the lot. Eventually golden chains are produced. These chains bind their recipients to "the system" despite any moral reservations. It goes without saying that none of the cogs have any chance of obtaining any of that golden final product. The bigger question is "what goes into the maw" at the beginning of the process.  ~  George Arnold 

A sculpture like this should never be shown to anybody who loves the auto culture. It's way too appealing to those lovers. They could never look at this for more than 3 seconds without seeing so many attachments and symbols to the life of cars and trucks. Strongly appearing in their minds. I could easily name 34 cars and trucks that it reminds me of.  Note  : -one must be careful of excessive real world associations with this sculpture.  ~ Fil Sibley    

 Eurillian Meditation Device #7, created 2000

The Horned Sleigh of Khione


Given to Khione by her father, Boreas, she is taught to bring the snow of winter. Crafted by his own hand, Boreas gifts the sleigh to her at their home in Hyperborea. 

With this gift comes the task of showering the earth with snowfall when, as the poet Virgil states, "Now had the sun rolled through the year's full circle, and the waves were rough with icy winter's nothern gales." 

Drawn by the twelve colts of the Erichthonius mares, Khione prepares to whip the colts into the sky as Boreas, atop the highest mount of Hyperborea, blows the cold and mighty winds of Winter from his lips. Khione rides the wind's crest and in her wake snow blankets the earth.

On her gold and silver seat Khione holds tight to the reins, guiding the impetuous colts across the landscape. The colts, snorting, their nostrils flaring, run hard through the sky, dancing upon the chill breath of Boreas as the mighty winds sing through the reins. The colts, sweating and foaming their flanks, set sparks atop the frigid air with their hooves. As the sparks settle, her path is marked by the brilliant glitter of Winter. ~   F. D. Artherhultz

An African medicine stick used used to remove illness. ~ Steve Kaffen


Obviously the mind of a cultured, intellectual woman. Will elaborate later. ~ Susan Kingsley


Crossbow Thru my heart ~ David Brummer


Shouldering the horn of plenty while horning in on the horn of want. ~ Emilie Condon


A large metal brain and some sort of bird creature. but then, maybe that is not the creature's brain, but some curly wool covering.  ~ Cat Knight

An ancient shaman and spiritual values. ~ Thalia Ghiglia 

Fragments, 20th  Century, created 2001

The worm and the cyber eye, a body shall form.  Peter Vilinsky


It must be the perpetual motion machine man has sought for so long.  William Hartman


The Ascariasis Calendar

Discovered in the desert near the ancient Sumerian city of Girsu, this now fractured calendar predicted the awakening of one of the "offspring of arali" - the Golden Ascariasis Worm. This giant, desert worm, ferocious in its appetite, tormented the peoples of the golden crescent prior to the second dynasty of Lagash.

It is not known by whose hand it was created, only that when whole it predicted the awakening of the "great golden worm" and the havoc it would wreak upon the cities within the golden crescent.

When originally discovered,  the mighty Gudea ordered it brought to his main temple to be studied. During its transport, a tremendous and unearthly sandstorm overtook the procession during which the calendar broke. Only the larger piece was recovered.

In this image, one can see two larvae of the "great golden worm" crawling along its surface.

It was said that if the bite of the worm did not immediately kill you, its larvae, passed through the worm's saliva, would burrow under your skin, eventually driving one mad. Many remedies were forwarded but nothing completely handled the disease.

During Gudea's rule,  vast armies were sent against the great worm. It is unknown whether any force sent against it was successful as most records of this time are fragmented. The only thing which is universally accepted is that Girsu suffered a terrible destruction in the ancient past. 

F. D. Artherhultz


Clearly in every artist work there

exist a long trail of DNA that influences 

their collective works.

I see the following strains and interpretation:

“First generation Marine Corp Entrenching Tool.” Mike Tewey

Eurillian theta/dc converter, created 2000

The Eye of Man Insists the Future Cannot Be Known While It Crystallizes the Past and Keeps It Unmoving.

Peter Vilinsky

The Omphalos of Gaia

Excavated beneath the city of Crissa on a slope of Mount Parnassus,  this ancient artifact filtered the fumes of the decaying body of Delphyne - the dragon slayed by Apollo, which gave the oracle her visions.

Protected by the priests of Apollo - the Cretans, this artifact was seldom seen due to the Oracles tripod seat which sat atop it.

It was only after a great earthquake in the region, and the subsequent abandonment of Crissa, that it was discovered.

Now held in a hallowed resting place inside the Church of the Forty Saints, which sits above the pit in which Delphyne decays, it no longer acts as a filter, instead, only as a reminder of ancient prophecies and those who consulted the Oracle.

F. D. Artherhultz

Discovered by Spanish divers, deep in the Atlantic, the remains of a Soviet era spy, sea urchin. 

Erwin Frantti

Brainstormer Fabricator Fixer.

Bill Knapp

it's an American Indian pin.

Steve Kaffen

Porcupine in prom dress. 

Emily Condon


An Ancient Mayan key cypher. This particular one was placed outside the vault doors of the "inventors temple". These gave early inspiration to the modern key and lock system as we have it today.

Blake Smith 

Orgonomic Transmitter, created 2001



                                                                    The Marin-Weber Mineral Relay                                                                 From an unlikely collaboration between college rivals, Ruby Weber and Delia Marin, this relay was cutting edge for its time. Employed by the fleets of probes sent into the cosmos, these intrepid devices would be ejected into the crust of a planet. Once imbedded they would begin transmitting the mineral composition of that particular celestial body. Built for universal deployment, these hardy transmitters were used liberally throughout the stars. This relay now resides at the Museum of Exo-Planetary Discovery as a lead-in to its Electronics in the Cosmos exhibit. 

Part of its engraved inscription reads: "As a pioneer tool used in cataloging mineral compositions of the planets it visited, this relay was deployed up to the 27th century."                                                                             F. D. Artherhults

Advance scout ship from Proxima Centauri 2 to investigate intelligent life signs surrounding Sol. "None detected." Report sent back that" there is gold here, send mining excavation equipment. No intelligent life. Signals due to sun spots regularly discharging". The captain of the ship hoped this lie would buy him the time he needed to put the rest of his plan in motion. A plan that would make him the richest pirate in the sector. A plan that would enslave all human beings and make himself their overlord. 

Peter Vilinsky


Birds Eye View of a starship from a galaxy well known for its impressive metal alloys.                                 

Blake Smith


It looks like some futuristic syringe or maybe a weapon.

William B. Hartman


Night flight to freedom

Linda Matheson


I have custody of your Ergonomic Transponder.  It proudly hangs in my low country home in South Carolina and protects and pleases me with its presence.                                                                                 

Kathleen C. Donohue