Poetry  by J. Thomas Wells

Christmas Poem, 2018

Snow on the ground,

a fire in the hearth,

throughout the house the chatter of mirth.

Smiles abound,

 around and around.

The joy of the day in every sound.

Dogs and cats and a tree in the house.

Over stuffed stockings, no room for a mouse.

Carols and bells float through the air,

Mixing with aromas sweet and fair.

It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas and to all a good night,

As we wait for the New Year for our dreams to take flight.

What’s in a Word?

If, upon a word you stumble

Do take heed to such a rumble

There’s a reason it broke your pace

So pause upon it and hold your place

A dictionary is a jewel box of little truths

So crack one open and have some sooth

Looking up a word is a minor cost

For the pleasure or wisdom you might have lost.