Found Object Assemblage

Found object assemblage is a creative vector that is as old as time itself. Because of its reflective and respectful relationship with the physical universe it thereby infers a spirituality. The cultures of Africa, the Native American tribes, the Eskimos and other indigenous peoples have long been fluent in this language. Saying that Picasso or Duchamp are the pioneers of assemblage may be true in their own back yard but not in a worldwide view. One could argue that the assemblages of indigenous people were done as a religious or spiritual expression  and are therefore not art.  The counter to this is that art of the "civilized" world could be considered an attempt to rise above the materialistic binge and touch on something spiritual.

Taking an object at face value, negating a creator or other viewpoints, is the approach of modern materialism. But an artist who ignores this myopic view and truly engages this medium opens a door on infinity itself.


                                                                   Professor Oscar Throckmorton