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Zero IQ                                                                                                                                     Prominent social activists around the world are disappearing without a trace. When an investigative journalist declares that they are related and begins developing a conspiracy theory, he too disappears and finds himself in an orbiting prison station with the missing personnel. He leads a mutiny take over and then beams up the perpetrators of the game from their cozy corporate offices while sending the good guys back to finish their work.

Still Point                                                                                                                                             The development of teleportation technology has been abandoned after two fatal attempts. A young student reviews the research papers of the deceased scientists and believes he’s found the glitch. He launches a new attempt which is also fatal. But through this death he discovers that he had been the earlier two scientists and had been successful each time, as a spirit, it was just the bodies that had crashed and burned.

Why War                                                                                                                                                   A Marine recruit who dies from injuries in a training exercise comes back to life in the ER. But he’s changed from a compliant soldier to an alert communicative intelligence delivering a steady dissertation on humanity and the errors of war. The psychiatrist sent in to squelch him exits the room in a psychotic fit. The guy is as cool as a cucumber and he won’t shut up as he continues up the chain of command to the White House.

The Maharajah of Las Vegas Boulevard                                                                                        The charmed life of a homeless man who refused to beg yet prospered in a supportive environment. After 20 years his family finds him and drags him back to the “civilized” world he had forsaken.


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