Romeo & the Beanos

 an original screenplay by J. Thomas Wells


"Romeo & the Beanos is a wonderfully fantastical excursion into a world of hopes and dreams.  J. Thomas Wells' script, is infused with a plethora of music; it promises to deliver a stunning visual and aural adventure if placed into the hands of a talented filmmaker!"                                                                                                                                               Jay Berg

​                                                                                                                                                                                         Jay Berg’s Cinema Diary

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Readers comments

"A tale of ancient wisdom coming forward to our modern times. Very nice". BSG

"Something magic is about to happen and your heart is about to swell". Fil S.

"I liked the treatment very much. It's  a charming story. Very creative". Peter B.

"A down to earth story of beauty, music and magic. I'm impressed". Oscar T.

"It was such a beautiful story that I read it twice". Gillian M.

THE FIRST TEST when watching a movie or reading a script or treatment is - does it grab you, hold your interest and pull you along. Read the first page of the treatment and see if it passes the test for you.

Treatment - a story narrative for film with some dialogue and scene description, as opposed to a filmscript or screenplay which has every scene and complete dialogue.