little voices

a screenplay by J. thomas wells

Magic prehistoric eggs that perform audio-synthesis and replicate the human voice in song are discovered in a shipment of coffee beans by Romeo, a Starbucks barista. Being the only one who has leaned close enough to the canister to hear the tiny voices, he is now at odds with reality and he soon loses his job.

But his allegiance to the magic brings him in contact with Galdifore, the Indonesian shaman who watches over the magic eggs.  He befriends Romeo and bestows upon him the sacred duty of steward to the magic. Uncertain about his life and this assignment, he flees across country by bus, only to discover that the magic eggs have followed him. He meets Juliet, a quirky Shakespearean actress, also riding the bus to sort out her life. When she hears the magic eggs she too becomes enchanted, not just with the eggs but with Romeo.


As chorus to musical artists of various genres, the “singing” eggs swiftly rise to fame in the music industry. And all culminates in a huge outdoor concert in San Bernardino. But as the concert opens Galdifore’s fears materialize, for the ancient dark shadow from their past has come to settle. Romeo is bested and Galdifore’s powers are no match for the Gru’kiba, a huge fire breathing parrot and her hunger for the eggs. Juliet then stands alone to defend them.

Pleasant Title