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forever song


an original screenplay by J. Thomas Wells 

In ancient Indonesia, small prehistoric eggs were a vibrant living amulet that participated in the sound and songs of their hosts. But they also fueled the immortality of the Gru’kiba, an Indonesian firebird. Thousands of them were lost   to her voracious appetite, they were thought to be extinct.


But in modern times, 99 of them are discovered in America in a shipment of coffee beans. Romeo, the Starbucks barista who finds them, is the only one who hears their faint haunting sound. He rescues them from the coffee grinder but loses his job in the process.


Romeo develops a special amp for their tiny voices and introduces them to the music industry. Dubbed The Beanos, their rise to fame is swift as both great and unknown artists include a Beanos chorus in their songs. And along the way Romeo meets his Juliet, a Shakespearean actress, who shall have a role to play when disaster strikes.


All events culminate in the sold-out outdoor concert, featuring the artists who include the Beanos sound in their songs. But mid concert the Gru’kiba arrives, screeching, and drops onto the stage.

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