forever song


an original screenplay by J. Thomas Wells 

Romeo, a non-ordinary guy living in an ordinary world, gets into trouble when an Indonesian Shaman enters the Starbucks where he works and starts chanting to the coffee beans. The old man is politely dumped out on the street. But Romeo figured out what was really going on - he was not chanting to the coffee beans but to the magic singing eggs hiding in the coffee beans.

Everyone else, including his boss, are still snoozing along in reality mode without the slightest interest in Romeo’s discovery. When he tries to save the magical eggs from the coffee grinder he’s dumped out on the street too.  Fortunately the Shaman is there to catch him and we’re off and running.

The Beanos, as he affectionately calls them, are on a mad dash to the top in the music industry. Romeo, the Shaman, and yes, Juliet, while not always understanding their cues, take them none the less, in this most delicious destiny.

All is moving swiftly along, almost too good to be true, when the Beanos’ past catches up with them ~ a huge fire breathing parrot, that for thousands of years, has been tracking and consuming this race of magical eggs. These 99 are the last of their kind and she’s come to finish them off at their sold out outdoor concert in San Bernardino.

Romeo is quickly bested by the evil bird, leaving Juliet standing in its path, the last and only hope for the

Beanos and their ancient song.                               

                                                                                                                                                             © 2021 J. Thomas Wells