Romeo & the Beanos

 an original screenplay by J. Thomas Wells

Romeo has no professional polish but he speaks with certainty. He introduces the Beanos and explains that they need to know that the audience is there and that this is done by sound. Romeo leads the crowd in a low melodic chant. Gradually the entire audience is participating. The luminescent glow of the beans increase and then begin to undulate between purple and green. The audience is now caught up in this interaction. Romeo, with the wave of his hands, continues to direct the chant. He then brings it to an end.  

The crowd is still cheering as he then introduces Billy and the Beans, the first performer. She performs a favorite from her album, much of the crowd is singing along. The beans participate, and the concert continues,  and builds in intensity. At the backstage door, Black Jac and his crew, posing as musicians for the concert, manage to get past security. High above the amphitheater Galdifore is on his hawk, scanning the night skies. A moving speck on the horizon elicits a guttural response from the osprey. The shaman sees it, the Gru’kiba, as it disappears in the clouds.

Out in the lawn seating  Miranda and Juliet are enjoying Billy’s songs. They are close to a bean monitor where they can see their undulating glow and slight movement. Then at the top of the screen a pair of blackened arms and hands reach over and begin scooping up the beans. The audience goes into an uproar. The thieves, surprised that they were visible, try to disappear into the shadows. But Flippo struts out in the lights and faces the crowd, holding up his arms in a placating motion. “Deas beans ain’t shit, they’re grocery store.” Wild booing and reactions from the audience. Black Jac and Bambu look on horrified, Flippo is holding the bag of captured beans! They rush out to claim their booty when there is a deafening screech in the air as the Gru’kiba, snorting fire, drops on the stage in front of them. The scene goes very still. All eyes on Black Jac and his crew frozen in place, the Gru’kiba in front of them and security guards coming up from behind. 

A little girl is frightened and crying in the audience. Her father says, “Don’t be scared, sweetie, it’s just part of the show.”  Romeo walks up behind the thieves and whispers, “She just wants the beans. No sudden movements, hand me the bag and then step back very slowly”. They eagerly comply, stepping into the hands of the security guards. 

Romeo calmly turns his back on the Gru’kiba and walks to the tray and returns the stolen beans. He then walks over and picks up a chair. He holds it from the back, like a lion tamer, and turns to face the creature who has started to walk toward the beans. He stamps the chair on the floor to get the bird’s attention. He is ignored. He loudly goes, “Psst!” and repeats this with the stamping of the chair till the bird turns its head in his direction. She locks her gaze on him and snorts smoke through its nostril holes.  ”Hey you!” The bird takes another step toward the beans. Romeo stamps the chair louder, almost breaking it. She turns and snorts flames, scorching the chair. . His antics are getting to the bird.

 The Gru’kiba flitters into the air and flies out over the audience screeching. Panic erupts in the audience. And through this turmoil Juliet is running toward the stage. She arrives at stage edge breathless as the bird circles back. It glides over her head and knocks Romeo off his feet then lands near the bean tray. Romeo, on the ground, sees Juliet’s face peering over the edge of the stage and then sees Galdifore running up behind her. He jumps back on his feet, grabs the chair and gives a  loud piercing whistle to the bird. It reacts, turning its head and flames at Romeo, setting his chair afire. He puts down the chair. Romeo and the creature are standing face to face about 15 ft. apart, their gazes lock. At the edge of the stage Juliet watches in terror.  

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