Romeo & the Beanos

 an original screenplay by J. Thomas Wells

Romeo wakes up in a sweat. It was his nightmare she was watching. As he orients himself to his darkened apartment he sees a dim light flickering in the next room. He goes to investigate and sees Galdifore sitting by a lit candle on his dining room table. Romeo looks at the open window and starts to say, “How did you get in here”, but doesn’t finish. He goes over to see what the shaman is doing. He’s constructing a lattice dome over the padded wooden box where the beans reside (using the stir sticks from Starbucks).  Romeo then goes over and closes the window, giving a pensive look at the sky. Galdifore speaks without looking up from his task, “Did the Gru’kiba visit you?” Romeo nods. Still without looking up Galdifore says, “She’s out looking for them.”  Romeo sits close to the shaman ,watching him work.  Galdifore, “There is 18 missing.” Romeo retrieves his log book and reads off the three artists who each have a set of six signed out. “And three more sets will be shipped out tomorrow to New York, London and Singapore.” Galdifore nods, still intent on the lattice. Romeo asks, “How has the Gru’kiba been able to live for so long?” “It feeds off the spirit of the Telur suci.”  “Telur what?”  “Telur suci - the beans. . . And don’t send any of them to Singapore, that’s too close to home.”  Galdifore finishes the dome. They both sit there in silence looking at the beans. Romeo, “They’re more beautiful than before.” The shaman nods, “Beauty is life’s advance. For thousands of years they have absorbed life from my people, now they’re absorbing from yours. And they’re growing.” As they sit looking at the beans in the dark apartment we hear a slow instrumental track from the Beans Blues album. 

Then we see the video for this music track. It’s on a wall screen in  Juliet’s apartment. She’s on the sofa watching and listening. Miranda steps out of the bathroom in a robe, drying her hair, “You’re up early.” “Couldn’t sleep, had a strange nightmare. But guess what, I saw Romeo on TV last night, Just a photo, but he’s going to be on Access Hollywood this Saturday.”  

Back at Romeo’s apartment, the same music video is on his wall screen, Galdifore is gone. After the song is over he switches to a You Tube video - an animal trainer commanding obedience from a cage full of lions and tigers. Romeo picks up a chair and mimics the trainer’s gestures keeping the lions at bay. Zoom out to the city skyline at dawn, a large osprey is flying across the sky. 

Romeo looks at the time, jumps into his clothes and runs down the stairs and out onto the busy street. Barely a few steps and he is accosted by an angry, intoxicated Goth punk. “Hey Mr. Ripoff, where’s my money?” Romeo, “You got it backwards, Flippo, you’re supposed to pay me after you get a record deal.”  “Them beans ain’t shit.” Romeo, “Well then hand them over.” “They’re just grocery store, they ain’t shit.” Romeo, “Where are they?” “Who ever heard of singin’ beans?” “Where are they?” “I dumped’em.” “Show me where.” Stumbling, Flippo guides Romeo to a dumpster where he retrieves them. Flippo is sitting in a daze by the dumpster as Romeo walks away, wiping off the Bean Box and putting it in his bag. He arrives at a recording studio with musicians practicing and preparing for a session. Romeo hands a Bean Box to the recording engineer who connects it to his console. The lead artist (a famous celeb) nods  “thank you” to Romeo, as he heads out the door to his next delivery.

A montage of headline clips from entertainment and music publications, covers with celeb artists with their Bean Box: Yo Yo Ma, Beck, Chick Corea – crossing the various genres,  rock. Jazz, Country & Western, classical, hip hop, gospel etc. Intermixed are clips of them performing. Then snippets of TV news commentary and celebrity interviews, all with something to say about this musical phenomena.

Then we see Romeo on Access Hollywood -  “So Romeo, you are the man behind the Beans.”  “Their caretaker, yes, I refer to them as the Beanos.” “Alright, the Beanos, who have performed with Bruce 

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