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Christmas 2019

   Snow on the ground,

                a fire in the hearth,

                        throughout the house the chatter of mirth.

    Smiles abound,

               around and around,

                                the joy of the day in every sound.

     Dogs and cats and a tree in the house,

                  over stuffed stockings, no room for a mouse.

     Carols and bells float through the air,

                              mixing with aromas sweet and fair.

It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas,

                                   and to all a good night,

                       as we wait for the New Year

                                         for our dreams to take flight.

Christmas 2018

               Christmas Poem, 2017


No fears, confusions or the chill of frost

Can steal what’s true and can’t be lost.


True love may hide but will again be found

When Christmas time comes around.


It’s that twinkle in the eye

Whether things are fine or go awry.


It’s the little things, like a friendly touch

That seem so slight but mean so much.


Nothing can ever stand in the way

When true love shines and has its sway


So romp we shall, and with joy we play

For our love is true and owns the day.


Christmas 2015

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