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Pandemic Rant Poem


The world has paused for a little bug,

thank you China, how smug.

You could have kept it under the rug.


But now each of us, whether slow or fast

has something in common ~ the god damned mask!

Where it’s hard to tell if they’re happy or blue,

 as we stare across the yards of two.


Yet allow me, to put you to the task,

for here's the question that I must ask;

Have you turned these changes into something good?

That’s the idea you know, don’t turn to wood.


But worse now than China's little blunder,

is the media's bloated hype and thunder.

Don't let that thwart your common sense,

or leave you sitting on the fence.


Let us step wisely past this pause,

And walk forward to all that we can cause.

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